Support NAZCARE, INC. through the Working Poor Tax Credit

This credit is a dollar for dollar reduction on your tax liability- up to $200 filing single, and $400 per couple filing jointly. With 14 Wellness Centers located in Arizona NAZCARE provides recovery support and wellness services and supportive housing to more than 12,000 adults and families. We serve low-income families, seniors, individuals with mental illness and homeless Veterans. Our programs improve health and wellness, strengthen families and help those impacted by economic hardship due to mental health and recovery issues.

Your donation helps promote healthier communities by providing essential recovery and wellness support and housing to the most vulnerable and underserved adult population.


Your Tax Credit dollars provide:

- Peer Recovery Support Services and Adult Life Skills
- Affordable supportive transitional and permanent housing to men, women, & children
- Wellness education, coaching and support to promote better health
- Mental health education and outreach
- Training and basic employment training

How can I contribute?

Giving Assistant Shop at the places you love and help in your community.
Center Wish Lists Each Wellness Center has a wish list of things they would like in their respective center. Check out the center homepage to see what your local center needs.